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Why Choose PoDHoME2s?

Our PODS are not your average POD Home.
We are leading the way in this new modular building style and technology! 

Brand New 


The TinyBigHouse concept is based on a modular design,
built as brand new PoDHoME


PoDHoME2s are aa affordable living solution . 
Prices starting at R 84 000 (excl. vat and delivery)


There are 3 x basic sizes  : 

2 440 x 6 060 x 2 900 mm
3 000 x 7 200 x 2900 mm
3800 x 8 400 x 2 900 mm

and custom sizes made to order.


All PODS are fully relocatable. Modular build means the PODS can be dismantled relocated and reassembled.


The finishers are of the highest standards and design using
elements including steel, aluminium, glass, and wood polymers. This modern, yet functional design lends itself to so many other features and add-ons at a minimal cost

Low maintenance

PODS are manufactured to be maintenance-free with little or no intense maintenance required.


The walls and roof are insulated, using powder-coated steel panels with insulation in between – keeping the POD naturally cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The window design is using double glassed glass in aluminium frames.


You can add on different PODS later, either a garage, a sunroom, a workshop, or an office – depending on what your needs are at that time.

Fully furnished

PODS are fully furnished with the following major appliances :
fridge, a dish washer, a washing machine, a gas stove, a
microwave oven, and a flat screen TV